Fisheries Work In Afulu, Nias Island

Agustus 17, 2007 at 6:28 am Tinggalkan komentar

resized-ssa40565.jpgOne of my friend, Fredik Ngili was work as Fisheries Consultant for ADB-NACA, and having lot of visiting to fields. He share some of his story to me when he went to Afulu villages, one of subdistrict in Nias Island. The activities purpose on this visiting are building community capacities, and also building community participation on Marine Fish Cage Farming for Seafish/The Grouper.

They have work directly with Fishers Community down there to show those tradisional fisherman how to developing this knowledge.

Bore up to the targetted location with small boat, under the hot sun, but he don’t care because he believe that as soon as this knowledge understood by community, his target and his idealism will be reached.


After two hours on the sea from the border of the beach, finally they arrive in the location which actually on somewhere. They need to go there, because to have best result, the depth of water should be down more than 10 meter from the top.

As soon as they dropping their anchor, he directly doing some water testing to check the quality of water, to ensure the farming will be give the optimum result and all at once showing to community that they need to doing this before they starting to do this such farming and cultivation.

After finished the water testing and also give some explanation to fishers question, they went back to the beach, and it was continue to share some important informations to community about how to start, how to process, and what they need to be done.

We do believe that all this process, will be used by community at the end to improving the life quality and most important thing to improving their skills.

Finally, thanks to Fredik Ngili, on his enthusiasm and kindness to make a better life for community in Nias Island, especially in Afulu. Keep your good work 🙂

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