Journey Around Half of The Nias Island

Agustus 9, 2007 at 3:03 pm Tinggalkan komentar

Exactly on 8th August 2007, we leave Gunungsitoli at 6.30 AM to start our journey, yeah, the journey to travelled around half of Nias and passed almost 21 sub districts. I was there to assisting Mr. Jeong Park (our Disaster Manager) as he want to have a real “pictures and facts” about Nias Island. Of course 1 day are not enough, but at least he knews.

Fortunately the weather was so clear, and it was nice to starting. Oh ya, before we leave Gunungsitoli, we prepare our logistics such as some bottles of water and also some packs of crackers because we afraid that we couldn’t found any such logistics for ourselves on the way.

After almost 3 hours on the way, at 09.24 AM we arrive in Teluk Dalam and directly facing to our office based there, met with some of our colleagues from Netherland Red Cross such as Vinod, Arno and also our cute Radio person girl called Ingat. Checking our emails was the first things we do, because we don’t have time to do it when we left Gunungsitoli.

On 10.00 AM we continued our journey from Teluk Dalam to Lolowa’u, one of subdistrict in the middle of Nias for 2 hours on the way, so we have arrived in Lolowa’u right on 12.10 PM, and then having a break and lunch there. Although it was not quite good food, it doesn’t matter because at least our stomach full enough to continue our journey to the next destination.

After having break and lunch and have one piece of cigarette, we start again from Lolowa’u with next destination is Sirombu the most west location of Nias Island at 12.30 PM, and we arrive there around 1.30 PM after have “some dances” in car and also guiding the car to crossing the bridges because almost 90% of the road and bridges from Lolowa’u to Sirombu are worst :-), we just pass there for short time, have pictures from Australian Red Cross shelters project which very interesting and already done for 100%, and then visiting the subdistrict offices area. It was 1.45 when we left Sirombu to go to Mandrehe our last destination before we return to Gunungsitoli and we arrive there around 2.35 PM. Having chit-chat with some staffs there, making do checking our emails as they have internet connection down there, drink a cup coffee :-), because we don’t need to afraid to came lately in Gunungsitoli as the predicted time between Mandrehe and Gunungsitoli around 1 hour and 45 minutes. And even we late, we still staying and sleep there :-).

Finally, at 3.05 PM we left Mandrehe with the destination is Gunungsitoli, the place we started. And lastly, we arrive in Gunungsitoli right at 5.PM, with all of our body are stiff, yeah travelling for 10 and half hours is long enough right? :-). And more important thing that we could manage to finish faster the predicted.

So, the next question is, when the next journey to travel on other half? Who knows ?, Maybe soon, or even never?

Best Regards. Please kindly add your comments.

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